Fixing WAMP 2.0 i and not so friendly extensions

WAMP2 is like a defacto standard for developing and testing PHP in a Windows enviroment. Particulary i used to use Wamp 2.0A in a WinXP SP2 platform. Also i use Postgres instead of Mysql, just because Pg owns Mysql big time. But there was a problem...

Also it didnt work in other WAMP versions

Like a year ago i wanted to use the next version of Wamp2... the B version. But I couldn't. Well i could install the Wamp server but there was an error when i wanted to activate the php_pgsql extension, an error like...

PHP Unable to Load the muthaphucking Dynamic Library 'c:\blah\blah\ext\php_pgsql.dll' - The specified module could not be found.

Yup, something like that. So after a lot of search and falses promises in google, i found the solution not only for that postgres extension, but for all other extensions that doesnt want to be loaded dinamically.

The Solution: Make sure that you are using the right php.ini file when you....

Ah Ha..Just kidding, the fast and furious solution is to search for this file libpq.dll in your wamp directory and then copy it to WINDOWS/system32 if youre using win XP(sorry for those using Vista, btw Vista sucks).
Hate & Love this file

And its done, you can now use Postgres with WAMP2 version I (yes version I, not 2.. long story).

I dont know exactly why its works, but it works and that the only thing i want to know. And for fixing others extensions, well u got to look for the access library of that extension and put it on system32, and replace it, if it is the case. Hope it helps someone. =)

I found it looking here., but they fix mysql, so this is my sand grain for the Postgres Project.