Backup GMail mail in Outlook

So Maybe you got an email account that you're no longer use. But you don't want to loose the information there, and it cost you!

So, why not download that info and then delete the account!

Let's do that quickly and not painfully.

Step 1: Search for the Configuration Menu

Step 2: Modify the POP and SMTP option like the image:

Step 3: Enter Outlook 2013 and create a new account:

Step 4: Configure the account :

And then go to advance configuration ( Más Configuraciones) and configure the Ports from IMAP and SMTP, make sure that you select SSL. There´s a bug that when you change the SSL, the port reset itself, make sure it¿s 993 and 465!

Now, accept the changes and wait. It may ask for your password again and again, that's because you have to tell GMAIL that you want to access your mail via an old software (yes Outlook 2013 it's outdated) . You will now because Google is going to send you and email with information to configure it.

In Spanish but it's the same

Then try again an you're settled!

Have a great day Comrade!