JavaServer Faces Newbie NavigateError

So Im learning JavaServer Faces using netbeans 6.9, Tomcat 6.0 and Java 1.6.0_22; HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 17.1-b03 (whatever it is) and i get caught with lots of errors, I kinda like PHP more than Java but work is work.

The Problem
Studying the navigation in Server Faces (you know the XML tags in faces-config.xml) i was having some troubles with a h:commandButton . After clicking that dammed supersubmit button that jsf kindly created for me (hate, hate,
hate those extra markup lines that JSF created automagically , what in god sake is type="text" value="Hola" name="helloForm:j_id_jsp_1546894878_4" suppose to mean?, is like developers where against designers, well i just want to kill some .. ARGGHHH, ok lets continue...)

Well after clicking that stupid submit button, it just doesn't take me to nowhere, and adding more insult to the injury, the widows seems to being charging. Well lets see what tomcat Log have to say:

Yup, nonsense glibberish in bloddy programmer red, an this is like 1% of the total log

From a noobbie point of view, this output scares me to death. I wasnt suppose to "disrespect" JSF at all, but How in earth Im supposse to know what is the error that makes all that messed up crash log get sooo large!?

The Answer
A bloody backslash, yes a boddy backslash like in /welcomeJSF.jsp. It was ahrd for the framework developer to tell me that the address was at least bad formated? And the tutorials didnt say a word about this. geshh . In puting this so it can help another newbie killing himself with jsf. God have mercy on us (and i dont believe in god, for JSF sake)