Outlook 2007 Errors: 0x8004010D and 0x80004005

Well this is a reminder about those two errors that appear in Outlook.

The error 0x80004005

This is one tricky  b@astard message, it really doesn't tell you whats going on. This error appeared to me when I tried to receive new emails in Outlook 2007. For what I have discovered, it just tell you that you can receive new mails. It may appear if you .pst files weights more than 4Gb and youre using Windows XP, or maybe there's an Antivirus blocking the entry of new mails.

The error 0x8004010D

This one is easy, its about your .pst file. As I told you before, thers a limit of space of 2Gb or 4Gb, after that the file cannot grow more. This will happen if youre still using Windows XP or use a FAT hard drive instead of NTSF.


Well, I dont really know what to do, but you can check this tool to change the size of the PST file and split it in more parts. Hope this help anyone.

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