Create a Design for PHP Classes

You have until 15 of december to create a , using only CSS and PHP, not javascript, to improve the old (and ugly) design of PHP Classes. The prizes are 3000$ to your Paypal and fame as the saviour of PHP Classes. Well hope this work better than the Postgres Contest, that well sucked big time, they just dissapear withouth telling much more info than "Because the few design you send suck we are not going to continue with the contest", and yes i was a contester XD, an no, my design didnt suck.

Directoy Problems with Drupal

So im testing Drupal, the uber CMS. Its so great to have a tool like Drupal to create webpages. But well im new into this and i had an interesting problem.

I create a site called Akami*, and made the mistake of creating it in a subdirectory called Amaki, notice the 'm' and the 'k'. In my localhost the page works as it should, but then i deployed it on a real server, in his REAL subdirectory "Akami", so i was having problems because all the routes where pointing at Amaki instead of Akami.

The Solution:
Flush the cache. For this I recommend to install the Admin Menu Module, it will make you life easy, and well if you use Drupal 6.14 (the last version) use the Alpha.3 version of the AdminMenu, or the latest alpha. Anyway in orden to recreate the menu you have to flush it. In this case you have to go to the url pointing that is pointing to the Flush button in the admin menu:

And the go to that site, of course here amaki is wrong so you have to manually change the wrong name to the true name. In this case from amaki to akami.Then press the flush all caches and youre done. Hope this will be helpfull for someone.

* The true site name is hidden for security reasons ^^