IE6 and Ubertcart

There's a problem with Ubercart and any modules that use a great quantity of CSS files in Drupal. It doesnt seem to work in IE (any version).

You install Ubercart or any other big module in Drupal. you test it and seems fine in all the browsers , except IE (again, any version). Seems like some CSS files are missing.

WTF happened to my CSS! yelling is another sympthom of this IE induced disease

IE6 was created to support only 31 stylesheets if you use the link tag to insert them. So when you install ubercart, theres a big possibility that youre excedding that nonsense limit. Have a good day with that.

There are two ways to work this in Drupal without feelin like youre kicked in the nuts with an iron spiked shoe:
  • Im too young to die way (Easy Way): Just use unlimited css module, install it an forget about it. This module will call all the CSS files via an @import rule , you can have more thant 31 @import rules in IE, that why it work. Just as a side note, as a good web developer youre not supposed to use the @import rule because its mean trouble.
  • Hurt me plenty way (Medium Way): Activate the Css File Optimizer in Drupal. Go to admin/settings/performance and you will find the option Optimize the Css Files (duh!). This will mix all the css files in your web page to just one file. I couldnt make it work in my server, this option need a beefy machine to run so make sure you have a really reaaaaally fresh backup of your site before activating this.
You can also activate the Optimize the Javascript Code option, jsut remember to make a backup

So at least in Drupal there are ways to deal with it. Hey dont blame IE for teaching you about web server performance and making you lost 4 hours of your life yelling like a crazy schoolgirl before a Jonas Brothers concert.

Hate the Computers Gnomes, yeah thoses little rascals causing trouble again.

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