What is & Why Social Bookmarking

Lets say you have you Blog ready to be launch and be read by a lot of people, but nobody comes, so what do you do?

Well you can tell your friends about your "wonderfull" blog, then you have now 10 people, well let's say 20 people (youre a very friendly guy, dont you?) that knows about your blog, well thats just not enough, maybe you will spread the notice in all the contacts of your mail, until you get busted for spammer or maybe you think its a good idead to go on rampage in to the first chat room that you find googling, but guess what, nobody in that chat room give a dimme for your blog.

This same question arise again and again in your head,asking yourself what should i do to bring more people to my blog/webpage?, well, there an answer, welcome to the world of Social Bookmarking.

Now, in this so called is social bizarre bookmarking world, you are read by strangers that seek information that can have some relation with your blog. How does those strangers now your blog have something related to what they are searching?, because of the tags, little words that describe what is the subject of your blog. For example this Post have the social bookmarking tag, so anyone looking for social bookmarking could find this post and all because of the migthy tags

So, that doesn't resolve our predicament, or maybe yes (please, imagine Mr burns laughing hard),if that random dude, find the post useful ( or funny, hot, cool, whatever) he will feel the need to share it to the world, ergo, he socialbookmark it, which means that he will post your blog in a page that shares the dude's personal bookmarks to the world. And as a plus, people can find your blog by the tags assgined toyour post.

So anyone seeing that repository has a chance to see your post and visit it, and if he too find your post worth for some socialbookmarking, well tomake things shorter, you can become very famous, (and maybe your webpage will go down by the excesive amount of visitors, yup that happens a lot).

Well actually some guys say that maybe those readers are not quality readers, well for starters i think any publicity is good, but keep in mind that socialbookmarking is a sword of double edge

Well look at this video, it explain alot better than me, what socialbookmarking is

Happy deculture ^^

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